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Do you believe in the chance of World Peace? Then if so listen to “Love Is All That Plays”. The song The Sound Foxes Experiment believe speaks for itself, with a catchy rhythm and interesting neopop style. Perhaps The Sound Foxes Experiment, are onto something with the original music and provocative lyrics questioning the current arms race and also nation states need to milatarise citizens in the pursuit of world domination and general carnage all somehow ludicrously and supposedly keep order!
The Sound Foxes Experiment are inspired by current affairs and the beautiful and brave people that have to suffer intimidation, aggression, bombing, rape, sniper attacks, suicide bombings etc etc. We all lose so much when people die especially through acts of violence.
This is not a political or religious protest; we are simply concerned about nuclear weapons and armed factions and 'forces' wiping out so many people all the time, supposedly in the name of peace and world order. If you kill you are never the same again - It is time to renounce violence and warfare and usher in a new era of peace, tranquility and harmony - let us put the weapons beyond use and stop making them and have a real 'armistice' treaty. You have to ask yourself, who is wrong and who is right?

Would it not be great to live in this world in peace and love or is a world of total destruction and casual annihilation exactly what we all want? If we ruin everything now, there will perhaps be nothing left. Space is still to the best part out of our reach. Make up your own mind about what it is you yourself think of the concept of total war and threats of total annihilation - Is extinction of the human race by way of war, forever - or is it just a passing phase, like the fashion of today?

Thank you for opening your mind to The Sound Foxes Experiments' satirical: "Love Is All That Plays".

The Lyrics:-

Don't you think don't you we are all so great
And everything is about who we love and mate
Really we are all so cuddly and always really care
And if we didn't then we'd probably disappear
It worries me the news says some wanna kill
I think we ought to take the guns and create something skill
And learn to love and celebrate our differences

So that frightened are not the kids......

Imagine thinking the biggest men and women have guns
And go around blasting each other just for fun
See in a world that's better made love is all that plays
Instead the fear and hatred will leave us all dazed
If a war lasts generations would we remember peace
I think war is something we really need to cease

In fact we need to call police......

If we can't stop war then there will be no release
We'll all be prisoners of something too unkind
Maybe we'll find its us that are doing the time
I think none of us could ever be free if someone really died
Especially if the reason was we had died inside
It really is so easy to open up your mind
To other possibilities other modes of life
Instead of causing even more strife
So what I suggest for you is grab a willing friend
And stay in bed so that together you may mend
And maybe just maybe war will truly end
So pack up your pistols decommissioning is real
I know I'm in bed loving the person I feel
I do believe in practicing love that never ends
Just holding hands and making plans is a good way for friends
You gotta grab what it is you truly love
And when it happens with your friends so that you're riding high above
In the sense that together is a beautiful treasure
To hold dear a perfect pleasure is really so much leisure
It is easy to work with friends when we're all together
Got to keep on moving and quit all the leather
Instead the threats of dropping bombs causes so much harm
It does the opposite of keeping us very calm
I always keep peace with me That is like my arm
That really is beautiful Growing flora on a farm
Keeping calm to carry on
Will help us keep and marry on
In a world of love we always reach above
High above the clouds just like a pretty dove
Free as a bird is what we need to be
And that involves today an armistice treaty
Peace begins with making friends
I'm sure together we can make amends
Without weapons of any nature
We probably all know a lot less fearful mater
Fear cannot be intrinsic to a higher sphere
If everyone one is playing instead of acting queer
Life is truly gaye and everyone is near
Near and far never have consequence
Love be food that is never through ignorance
There's nothing wrong with being soft
In fact it's quite the opposite of getting your top blown off
So make peace and love not fancy free war
Then one day we'll really know the lions roar
And we will all have scored!!

With adlibs; recorded straight from our little bed.

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