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Dark and deep in the forest the trees grow tall. Maybe we can reach new heights by embracing peace and love and prosperity for all.

The Sound Foxes Experiment, represent an idea that a peaceful revolution is achievable and desirable, in the sense we can embrace and develop a better society that is all-inclusive and fair for all, and is kind to the environment and enriches it, regardless of any obstacles in our way. It takes all of us to make a difference. At present all we can see is that we are all part of a problem that needs to be addressed.

Human ideas of superiority are wrong and outdated, as well as being a recognised part of mental disorders. We are all persevering in this thing called life. Let's put down the weapons and renounce our hate, we can all be free of fear through the positive action of slowing our way of life, and turning to the people around us and really getting to know them - what do they feel and what do they really care about? Solving local issues may well help solve the bigger issues. Life can be brief; we need to take more time for each other; to get to know each other properly. To look after our elderly relatives or neighbours is an amazing experience. Let's turn to each other more, it could be your work colleagues, or your friends or your family, or even the stranger in the park while you both walk your dogs or your neighbours. Summon up the courage to talk with an open mind with each other - you never know what you may discover!

An insular and closed society will never thrive, let's find the positive in each other out....

Revolution starts with the small things and grows and develops into something much bigger. It can take many forms, and we should be comfortable within our own personal capabilities and feelings to tackle the issues that affect us the most.

”That River’s Floe” is an anti-war and anti-violence song, designed to make you think and question the gun-point standoffs humans seem to have created all over the World. The trees do not wage war, and more than likely they will outlive us - if we don't cut them all down in our vain pursuit of world dominance.

As for the soldiers: Post traumatic stress is a common side effect of all the war and trauma in the world. Maybe we should get to know our veterans and those who "join up", and explore the reasoning behind their move to become another cog in the military machine.

If only we invested more in healthcare and prevention of illness instead of looking at each other down the barrel of a rifle? Positive approaches toward a healthy future may well benefit all, who knows. The violence and aggression we can face in our life may well be exasperated by pollution and our ever-growing consumption and depletion of the world's resources.

Ban the bomb and let's explore health and care that doesn't involve experimenting on animals or each other. Society is again coming close to the brink of thermonuclear destruction. Let's chill, not let blood spill. Time for change......

"That Rivers Floe", is a story that relates to humanity's obsession with killing each other and everyone else, and is based on a vision I once saw, in the trees there was disease instead let's take time for love and play?

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